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The joys and the pains of anticipatience

POSTED: August 6, 2014 9:00 a.m.
Joel Samuelson, Lory Kaun/Barrow County News

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Let me once again confess my nerdiness.

I’ll admit it. I read blog posts about Comic-Con. I peruse the internet for new bits of information about upcoming movies. I once wore a blue falcon costume. I stole my deskmate’s eraser in elementary school.

Mind you, that last one has nothing to do with nerdly pursuits. I just felt like confessing it.

I have a tendency towards certain pursuits that may not seem common among sports writers, but that’s okay.

This past weekend was extremely vindicating for me in that regard. I’ve spent the last few months freaking out about an upcoming movie. To be more specific, I dreamt of the day I would get to watch “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Sure, I’m not some lifelong fan of the material, I just thought it looked really good. I watched trailer after trailer and I read any article that gave me just one more bit of information about what was coming.

First, if you haven’t seen it yet, go see it. “Guardians of the Galaxy” is a really fun movie and you’ll enjoy it. I guarantee it will bring at least 73 smiles to your face or your money back (Ask your local theatre about the details).

But imagine my surprise when nearly half of our news staff saw it this weekend, myself obviously included. I even talked my wife into going. I am yet to hear a negative review of that movie, and I am happy.

I got to experience something I had waited far too long for and it was blissful.

We all have something we’re waiting for. Everyone has a dream or a goal that is sitting on the pitcher’s mound while you’re up in the cheap seats plotting a way to jump past the guards and onto the turf.

When I was a kid, I really wanted a sorcerer Mickey stuffed animal from MGM. I thought he looked cool with his red robe and starry blue hat. Isn’t that every kid’s dream, or am I weird?

Maybe don’t answer that.

Either way, I couldn’t get one the first time I saw it, but I always wanted it. I dreamt of it for, like, weeks after it was denied me. Then, one day many years later, I was back at MGM with my family for a short trip to Disney.

Right before we left what is now called Disney’s Hollywood Studios (I’m sorry, it’ll always be MGM), I bought myself a sorcerer Mickey with the red robe and the starry blue hat.

You know where that Mickey is right now? It sits on my desk at home.

You know where that Mickey would be right now had I gotten it more than 15 years ago when I first wanted it? Me neither.

That Mickey constantly reminds me what it means to struggle with anticipatience. We try to hold out for what we really want, but we can only hold out for so long. How do you respond, though, after you’ve waited so long?

Because I waited for my Mickey, it means that much more to me now. The journey and the anticipatience made that Mickey even more valuable to me personally than it would have been back then. There is value in the wait, you see.

Right now, many of you reading this are struggling with your own journey of anticipatience. Perhaps you want a better job or a new relationship. Maybe you’re waiting for the courage to stand up for what you believe in.

Or maybe you’re waiting for football.

Yes, football season is coming surely and swiftly, and you face temptations on all sides.

Should you wait for opening day or should you go out and take in some preseason football?

Let me answer that question for you. I went to the Atlanta Falcons Friday Night Lights event last Friday with my wife and family, and that was a lot of fun. You should go look at some of the pictures we brought  back in last Sunday’s issue.

But that night was, well, underwhelming from a football standpoint. The action on the field was watered down and disparate to what you hope for in a professional of top-tier college football game. It was just sad.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a blast to be there with my wife and with my niece and nephew, not to mention all the free King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls we got to eat, but the football was just okay.

Do yourself a mighty, mighty favor. Wait for the first real kickoff.

Preseason games are for coaches and season ticket holders. Regular season games are for fans.

If you want your first football experience of the year to be meaningful, wait for it. If you want that first kickoff and that first cheer to really live up to potential, save it for the real thing. Don’t just give it away the first chance you get.

I know you’ve been waiting so long and your urge to experience football has grown so strong, but please hold off. Remember sorcerer Mickey and the joys of outlasting anticipatience.


True love waits for regular season.



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